Qld Bond Loans Make Sense

If you’re in a sound financial position but need a little extra cash for a bond, bond loans really make sense. I live in Brisbane and work in real estate and find more and more I’m recommending people have a chat with Bond Loans QLD about Qld bond loans.


The team are really helpful and I’ve seen many occasions where they’ve been able to help people. There’s simply no reason to struggle and do it tough, to live on bread and water and do all the moving yourself when you can spread out the expense of moving over time by using a Qld bond loans service.

For ease and convenience, I’d recommend Housing Bond Loans

I work as a property manager for a real estate company, and all too often I see customers struggling to get funds together to pay the bond on their rental property. Through no fault of their own, the bond from their previous property is often yet to be returned, making it a little difficult to front a thousand or more dollars to pay the next one. That and all the other costs associated with moving home can be quite stressful. If you were to ask me what solution I’d recommend, I’d say you couldn’t go past Housing Bond Loans.


Housing Bond Loans do exactly as their name suggests – provide quick, short term loans to customers so that they can easily manage all the unexpected costs which tend to pop up when moving home. Applications are quick and easy, and they can have the funds in your account a lot quicker than you’d expect. Obviously it does pay to plan ahead, and I say that to customers all of the time, but every now and then something happens which was beyond all control. For that reason, the best thing you could do in that situation would be to give Housing Bond Loans a call and make sure you don’t miss out on the chance of getting into your next rental property.

Who to Call for a Car Service in Melbourne

I’m from Melbourne but I only just bought my first car last year. I was always on my bike or public transport and for a long time that was great but now that I have my own business I need to be able to get around more freely and take a bunch of things around with me.

The whole point of the car is to be more mobile so naturally I don’t want to have to go without it for a whole day if I can avoid it. When I was looking at options for a car service Melbourne based, the idea of using Ace Mobile really appealed. By all accounts they seemed to do a great job and they were happy to come to my office and do it all there. They really did deliver on the service and I’ve been really happy with how the car has been running ever since. For a car service in Melbourne visit http://www.acemobile.com.au/car-service/

Roman Blinds Full of Character

Roman blinds just have this effect on a room that is not easily achieved any other way. I’ve always liked them, since long before I even knew what they were called. They instantly become a focal point of a room and there’ something very ‘old world opulence’ about them.

Roman blinds are also very functional and effective and seem somewhat less mechanical than regular roller blinds. We got them in all the kids bedrooms from Blockout Blinds who are based in Melbourne. They gave us a free quote that was very competitive and were really flexible and reliable when it came to delivery and installation. It’s always nice to come across a company that still cares about real customer service.


Flat Pack Kitchens From Melbourne to Wherever You Need It

When my son moved out to the country I really wanted to do something nice for him. We are not country people by any means and his decision to take his young family out to start a goat farm was a real surprise to all of us. If there’s one thing a young family needs it’s a great kitchen and all the more so that they no longer have the wealth of dining options we have here.
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Find an evening dress for every night of the week

I have so many weddings, birthdays, and engagements to attend in the summer months and this last summer I was becoming a repeat outfit offender. To change things up a bit I went to Meluri online to search for some new evening dresses. Read the rest of this entry »

Cross Trainer No Brainer

A cross trainer is a no brainer when it comes to you first piece of equipment in a home gym. They take up less space than a treadmill, are lower impact and are just as easy to use for various different needs. Whether it’s weight loss, cardio, fitness… a cross trainer is the perfect way to get into home exercise. Read the rest of this entry »

For Specialists In SEO, Look No Further!

OnlySEO is an Australian based SEO company that works to get your business name out there and leaders in their industry. I know they have many clients Australia wide and are experts in SEO. They did tell me though, that once they reach a certain amount of clients in the one industry, they stop accepting clients in that industry which I thought was really ethical. The people I deal with are friendly, efficient and are constantly reviewing results to make sure we are maintaining the goals we are focused on.

Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process and you don’t want to be constantly dealing with a business that doesn’t know what’s going on with your business, or worse- doesn’t care!

For all the companies I have been in contact with, I think OnlySEO would be one of the top companies of Melbourne SEO companies.

OnlySEO is constantly keeping up to date with what’s relevant and what’s working in the SEO world. They discuss what they think will be most beneficial for your organisation and your situation. My business started working with them when we first launched our new business and new website. They helped get our name out there, and appearing on the first page of Google search results for people searching for industry related topics.

Since our commencement we have only increased the work we do with OnlySEO, as we couldn’t be happier with the continuous positive results and feedback from customers.

Home Storage Solutions Getting Ridiculous

My husband is big into contraptions, nifty furniture ideas that help make the most of what is a very small apartment for the three of us. I appreciate the stuff he’s done and it’s really helped us make the most of the space but when things were just getting ridiculous I started looking into alternatives.

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Kitchen Renovation on the Cheap (but it doesn’t look it)

We had a seriously limited budget for our kitchen renovation and plenty of companies dismissed it outright. Home Extend were a bit different in that they let us know how they felt, that we hadn’t given them a lot to work with but that it wouldn’t stop them from doing the best they could.

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